March for Life Recap

January 27, 2012

I’m back home and completely recovered (I think) from a full weekend in Washington, D.C., for the March for Life events. We flew in Saturday and headed straight to the hotel to check in and get some practicing in. We (the band and I) led worship and performed “Silent Cry” at the Students for Life conference and at the March for Life Rally on Sunday, and played for students at Paul VI Catholic High School in Virginia on Monday morning before the March for Life. The Rock for Life also played “Silent Cry” during the post-march webcast. 

I posted some pictures on my Facebook page in case you weren’t able to be there.

 In addition to worshipping, performing and marching, I also was able to talk to a few reporters before and during the events. The media has so much power to reach a huge audience and really shape the discussion, so I was glad to be able to be part of it and help get the word out. A few of those stories are posted online: CBN did a full segment on the March for Life and played a little bit of “Silent Cry.” LifeSiteNews did a whole story on “Silent Cry.” And the UCF student newspaper wrote about the Hear the Silent Cry movement as well.

 It was a crazy whirlwind couple of days, but what a blessing to spend it with not only my family (mom, dad and Jacqueline were all there along with the band), but with thousands of other pro-life activists who are passionate about standing up for the defenseless and ending the abortion epidemic in America. It was so encouraging to be surrounded by so many people – young and old – who feel the same way I do about the effect abortion is having on my generation. It also helped reinforce that using whatever platform God has given us to speak out on this issue is the right thing to do – even though it’s not always easy – and is part of living “all in” for Christ.

The Hear the Silent Cry movement doesn’t stop here. It continues on as we keep speaking out against abortion and educating our friends and family about it. I’ll hope you’ll check out the resources we’ve put online to help start the dialogue.



  • Robert Pierre Morning Concert

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