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Robert Pierre is a young man with a unique passion for music, ministry, and living a life dedicated to serving God. A 19-year-old freshman at the University of Central Florida, Pierre is the worship leader at his 900-member Orlando, Fla., church, and an accomplished recording artist whose third studio album, “I’m All In” was released in 2011. 

For Pierre, “I’m All In” is more than the name of his recent album. It has become his life motto as he responds to God’s calling to live fully committed to Him. In addition to his recording career, his worship duties and his education, Pierre is becoming increasingly involved in promoting healthy lifestyles to his audience, including freedom from drugs and alcohol, sexual purity and the sanctity of life.

 “When I was writing ‘I’m All In,’ I was preparing to finish high school and facing all kinds of questions about my future and not really knowing what would come next,” Pierre said. “In 2 Chronicles 16, the Bible talks about how the eyes of the Lord are searching to and fro throughout the earth for someone whose heart is wholly His, someone He can strongly support. I found comfort and peace in the Lord’s plan for my life, and now I’m trying to live out the Bible’s call to live all-in for God.”

“Having the opportunity to tour the country meeting people my age illustrated how much of an identity crisis we face,” Pierre says. “The places many people turn are so destructive – whether it’s a girl who’s facing an unthinkable decision about her baby’s life or a guy who’s turning to drugs or alcohol to numb his pain. I want people who hear my music to know that there’s a better way. While it’s not always easy as God stretches and grows us, He is absolutely faithful in His love and care for us.”

Pierre wants to encourage others to adopt the “I’m All In” mantra and commit to living a life that’s different, a product of spiritual and emotional maturity beyond his 19 years. “Through the power of the Spirit we can live differently, all in, fully committed,” he says.

Part of living differently, Pierre says, is standing up for those without a voice. In the moving track “Silent Cry,” Pierre challenges his generation to live differently by defending the unborn, singing that “life is a gift, not a choice” and calling on believers to “stand up, unite” to protect each life. Pierre is living that out in his own life as he partners with organizations committed to compassionate promotion of life, and encourages his fans to reach out and show God’s love to women facing a difficult decision.

Living all-in for Christ is a maxim that will guide Pierre as he continues his duties as worship leader at Harvest Bible Chapel, his coursework at the University of Central Florida and his advocacy, as he looks ahead with great anticipation to discover where God will lead him next.

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